GOOGLICIOUS: Google’s new office in Dublin, Ireland can make any designer see a rainbow in a clear sky

The search engine Google gives its employees space which can only be described by adjectives like fun, young, colorful, lively, interactive and free. The company which is known to indulge its l workers in a lot of fun does it again. Last Global Eye article was about Third Space and this office Google is not only a big example that supports the concept of having a Third Space in the offices but also takes it to a different level.

The thriving new campus of Google, Ireland has four buildings located in the heart of Dublin’s historic docklands district! With over 47’000 m2 of unique office space, the campus represents an amazing workplace for Google’s ever-growing sales, marketing, finance, and engineering teams, coming from more than 65 countries and speaking over 45 languages. Master-planned by the Swiss architecture studio Camenzind Evolution in collaboration with local firm Henry J. Lyons Architects, the campus represents the Google EU Headquarters and serves as the center for sales and finances in Europe, the Middle East and Africa (EMEA).

The tallest of the four-campus buildings is the newly constructed 14-story building ‘Google Docks’ which is also the tallest commercial building in Dublin. Two other buildings – ‘Gasworks House’ and ‘Gordon House’ – have been home for Google already and were completely refitted. The fourth building, ‘One Grand Canal’ fondly referred to as ‘1GC’ – was newly fitted out.

For the Master plan, the architects had to find a smart solution for the nearly impossible – to create a stimulating and interactive campus within a bustling environment in the midst of the inner city. Apart from innovative office spaces, the Master plan required the successful organization of a multitude of additional functions, such as 5 restaurants, 42 micro kitchens and communication hubs, game rooms, fitness center, pool, wellness areas, conference, learning & development center, tech stops, over 400 informal and formal meeting rooms and phone booths, etc.

All these additional functions are part of the holistic work philosophy of Google,
encouraging a balanced, healthy work environment and enabling as much interaction and communication between the Googlers as possible. In fact, as empirical researches and studies show, interaction and communication are crucial for creativity and innovation.

In order to achieve these important goals, the locations of all functions were very carefully balanced between the different floors and buildings. In addition, a bridge is planned to be built to connect ‘Google Docks’, ‘Gasworks House’ and ‘Gordon House’ together, encouraging an easy flow between buildings and people.

Google Docks: The newly constructed ‘Google Docks’ is the main campus building where each of the 14 floors represents the unique identity and strong values of Google. The main area of each floor is the communication hub which is integrated among various functionalities depending on each floor – from open plan and flexible working spaces to micro kitchens and informal meeting rooms, alternative working zones, game areas, cafés, gym, and even a 25m indoor swimming pool. These spectacular hubs are created as unique highlights of each floor, bringing an exciting fresh quality to the working experience.

The distinctive character of each floor the theme is also reflected through different materials, colors, and shapes with either literal or more subconscious connection to the particular theme dedicated to the floor.

Gasworks House, 1GC and Gordon House ‘Gasworks House’ has been redesigned representing EMEA’s characteristically natural and human-made landscapes, beginning from the sky, down to the mountain peaks, rural and urban worlds forests, sands and at last water. ‘1GC’ played homage to the Irish culture and its many myths, legends, and traditions. It includes a replica Irish pub and a library space based on the Long Room in Trinity College.

The design inspiration for ‘Gordon House’ was taken from the multicultural nature of the company, blending the colors of country flags from around the world in a virtual corridor of color. This created a well-connected and stimulating working environment embracing diversity and function as well as being unique, flexible and sustainable.

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