The Barge House Design By Ar. Rakesh Bhosale

A cozy and warm space, tucked in the thicket of native trees, set by a sleepy street, this summer bungalow narrates a tale of its own Elegant and modernist, the idea behind the design aesthetic, for Architect Rakesh Bhosale and team has always been, “the home should tell the story of who you are and be a collection of what you love”.

With ultra-clean crisp lines, a simple and monochrome palette and use of materials that include metal, glass, veneered wood fins, and composite panels, the Barge house is built as a space for conversations, get-togethers, and celebration of everything good. With a plain and minimalist approach, space has been designed for a maximum utility yet by being true to the comfort and ease of a home.

The colors are neutral and airy, the décor is purely minimalist and lighting has been used as an intelligent tool to create focal points in rooms. Small pivotal points include making the transition from the kitchen, dining and living rooms a fluid experience.

The spacious living room with its sense of openness, well-lit and ventilated to cleverly re-constructing the attached bedroom door into a chic library unit, to help maintain privacy are the design essentials which set the whole project apart.

May it be the seamless kitchen with the removable kitchen platform which doubles upon into a portable breakfast table or the movable light-weight fins hanging from the ceiling, acting as a partition between the puja room and the kitchen, every aspect is unbroken and continuous. We can’t but help appreciate and applaud the extraordinary thought process that has gone behind creating this space. What about you?

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